Mgr. Jarmila Podhorná - NADĚJE

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Production and sale of herb tinctures made from healing plant buds. All tinctures and other products passed the approval of the Ministry of Health´s State Health Institute.

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Mgr. Jarmila Podhorná - NADĚJE


Tel.: +420 582 391 254
Fax: +420 582 391 207
GSM: +420 737 525 301

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Mgr. Jarmila Podhorná - NADĚJE
Mgr. Jarmila Podhorná
Brodek u Konice 3
Brodek u Konice
798 46

Czech Republic


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Mgr. Jarmila Podhorná
company director
Tel.: +420 737 525 301

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Jana Sedláková

Tel.: +420 732 209 035

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Our Products:

Mgr. Jarmila Podhorná - NADĚJE ParazinParazin is a unique product against parasites in the body. Parazin contains andrographis, which helps keep the digestive tract free from ...


Mgr. Jarmila Podhorná - NADĚJE KlidexKlidex is a product for soothing the body. Klidex is a suitable for use as a food supplement.


Mgr. Jarmila Podhorná - NADĚJE Lymphatic system bathThe lymphatic system bath purifies the lymphatic system. You rub the natural lymphatic system bath into the lymph nodes and submerge ...

Lymphatic system bath

Mgr. Jarmila Podhorná - NADĚJE St. John's wort oilSt. John's wort oil helps for damaged and not completely healed skin, various bruises, fractures and, it is a suitable means for ...

St. John's wort oil

Mgr. Jarmila Podhorná - NADĚJE Herbal honey API IMUNWe offer herbal honey API IMUN - buds of forest grape elderberry, blackcurrant with betaglucan, royal walnut, rose hip provide immunity. ...

Herbal honey API IMUN

Mgr. Jarmila Podhorná - NADĚJE Antiviral herbal tincturesIn our offer, we also have effective antiviral herbal tinctures. Antiviral herbal tinctures can help the body get rid of harmful parasites, ...

Antiviral herbal tinctures

Mgr. Jarmila Podhorná - NADĚJE Losing weight cureThe losing weight cure helps with overweight, improves digestion and defecation, and reduces a feeling of hunger. The losing weight cure ...

Losing weight cure

Mgr. Jarmila Podhorná - NADĚJE Herbs and tinctúresThe herbs and tinctúres are processed free of chemical or preserving agents. By its effects, the herbs and tinctúres have proved many times ...

Herbs and tinctúres

Mgr. Jarmila Podhorná - NADĚJE BetaglukaneBetaglukane itself enhances the immunity, and in combination with tinctures, the tincture´s effect itself is enhanced right due to ...


Mgr. Jarmila Podhorná - NADĚJE Varices cureWe have just one health. The varices cure improves and heals the varices and haemorrhoid disorders. The varices cure also removes venous ...

Varices cure

Mgr. Jarmila Podhorná - NADĚJE Cancer control cureThe cancer control cure is generally cleaning cure, enhancing the organism´s immunity and acting against tumours. The Nature offers us herb ...

Cancer control cure

Mgr. Jarmila Podhorná - NADĚJE Borreliosis an after treatment cureA borreliosis after-treatment cure: An herbal cure for borreliosis after-treatment serves to treat a disease that belongs to the most ...

Borreliosis an after treatment cure

Business Activity Specification:

Retail, Wholesale, Production

Bankers: Československá obchodní banka a. s. Account No.: 156033044/0300
Year of Foundation: 1998
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